Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Bunny Huddle

I love this picture which has just appeared on http://www.dailybunny.com/.
Look at these rabbits hard at work, possibly conspiring agains the world, or maybe they are trying to decide who should ask for more dinner?.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Munchkin Award

Dylan and I are delighted and honoured to have received the Munchkin Award. This award aims to promote educational and responsible rabbit care in the community.

They e-mailed us to say: 'How lovely!! Pepper's blog is wonderful and so fabulous to see photos & read all about happy house bunnies. Pepper & Dylan are very lucky bunnies.'

Is chaos ahead?

Bunmum is up to something. Bundad tells us we make a lot of mess. Bunmum seems to be looking for a solution to keep our mess in one place as we tend to trail hay all over the living room. But some things still don't add up.

Bunmum created a new pen for us with our old house rabbit tray and a new hay rack (which we demolished immediately) and all the while she was saying if Brambles stays she'll need to make it bigger. That confirms that Brambles MUST be a rabbit.

What's more she painted this funny colour on the wall and then just left it as a patch in the corner. It looks daft, so I'm thinking there's more to come. Hmmmmm...

Friday, 25 September 2009

Dylan helping bunmum

Dylan decided to be extra friendly today and assisted bunmum with the cleaning. There was lots to do and bunmum was so so busy that she just left Dylan to do his jobs by himself. I thought this was very unusual and I just had to investigate, so I followed the trail through the dust. And sure enough, I found him skiving behind the sofa where he thought he wouldn't be found!

Oh yes, I know all the tricks in the book.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Winter is coming, it's darker at night and darker in the morning. When bunmum puts us outside in our run we shiver a little and when we come back indoors we seem to loose a lot of hair. But we are happy and that's what matters.

Bunmum has been painting the living room walls today, she hasn't figured out yet which one of us it was but she's just finished wiping our painted paw prints off the floor. Whoops. She's gone for a bright red colour but only done a little patch so it looks silly.

There's also talk of Brambles, whatever that is. Brambles is coming to stay, perhaps Brambles is a rabbit. hmmm I hope not, this is MY home and I'm in charge around here.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Dylan's Birthday Pics

We had a marvelous night yesterday. Celebrating Dylan's second birthday bunmum produced a platter of treats for us to munch on. Delightful!

So we munched and we munched.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Birthday Boy

Woohoo. Lots of kisses for Dylan because the birthday boy is two today. He's such a cutey. Hip Hip...