Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Dylan's Delight

When we arrived back to our home in Montrose we were delighted after the long car ride home. Dylan was so delighted he actually climbed up onto our hay rack and made himself comfortable to chew to his hearts delight.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

While in Oban continued

While in Oban Dylan became very good at avoiding the camera and bunmum discovered that he can be pretty fast when there's a carpet for him to grip to.

Every night in Oban bunmum could be found running round and round the chimney trying to catch Dylan to take him back to our cage which was outside in a covered area.
The weather was great for us so we didn't get cold and bungran covered our cage every night in case the neighbours cat decided to visit us.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

While in Oban

Check out the view I enjoyed while in Oban. Bungran lives near the sea and has a garden on a hill.
There wasn't much grass unfortunately but I had a good run around the garden.
It was full of hiding places but bunmum followed me around to make sure I wasn't doing anything naughty.

I considered going to the bottom of the steps but decided against it, it seemed like a long way down.
It's great fun visiting new places.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Road Trip

Bunmum had to make a road trip to Oban on the west coast of Scotland last weekend and as she didn't want to leave me with someone else while I was ill Dylan and I joined her. We had no idea what was going on as at first bunmum got up as she does on a usual work day, let us have our usual morning runaround and then unexpectedly put us in her car. After a half hour trip in the car she stopped and took us into the office where she works. Lots of people came to visit us and we ate strawberries and kale while bunmum worked. I got to run around her office and I was very good, I didn't chew a single wire.
After bunmum had done a days work off we went again in the car. It was a longer trip this time of three hours and bunmum made sure to stop half way to give us some water and treats. We were so glad to arrive at our dinner time and see inside bungrans house. It was huge, open plan and best of all it had carpets so Dylan and I could run round and round and round. Brilliant!

This is me after a spin around the dining room furniture.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Getting Better Hopefully

The good news is that I am getting better I think. My appetite is still not brilliant but I'm eating more food than I was last week. The vet is not sure what's going on so I just have to eat lots of treats and not let Dylan steal my dinner.

First of all the vet gave me some mush to eat for my dinners. I was supposed to eat it from the syringe but I actually quite liked it so bunmum let me lick it from a bowl. After a while though, it didn't taste so good.

Anyway after that was finished the vet gave bunmum some new syringes and she had to feed Dylan and I the food inside it for nine days. Again, I quite liked it so she put it on treats for me to gobble it up, but Dylan had to be wrapped up and hand fed because he was not impressed at the flavour. She said it was for our own good, something about getting rid of worms.

Monday, 6 July 2009

I'm unwell

Well it's been a strange week and bunmum has been acting particularly strange by getting me lots of treats and not letting Dylan eat any of my food.
We went to the vet today where they weighed me and I only weighed 1.4kg, that's not much and I'm losing weight fast, at Christmas I had weighed 2.45kg. My appetite is ok but after a while I get bored of eating and I leave the food for later. It's never there later, bunmum took a while to realise Dylan was eating it instead of me.

Bunmum explained to the vet that my dad had been to have his teeth removed when she came to Dundee to give me a new home two years ago, so she thought that I was having trouble eating because of my teeth. My coat doesn't look like it used to so she thought that I couldn't groom because of my teeth. What a cheek! There's nothing wrong with my beautiful teeth and the vet was able to confirm this.

He poked and prodded at me but could find nothing wrong, for some reason that made them look more worried.

I know I'm in good hands and I'm looking forward to getting more treats when Dylan isn't looking. Here is a picture bunmum took of me because it was so unusual of me not to eat whatever I found.