Monday, 29 June 2009


Bunmum and bundad have been very industrious today and cleared out their garage. Aparently it was full of cardboard boxes but bunmum decided not to donate them to Dylan and I. They flattened them and off they went to the recycling centre in town. I couldn't believe my luck when they came back with a hutch in the boot of the car. It had just been lying in the skip, bundad says it stinks of ferrets but Dylan and I will soon see to that.

Bunmum has hosed it down a couple of times and it dried in the gorgous sun, so by afternoon Dylan and I got to play in it, or in Dylan's case sleep in it.

It's missing a bottom panel so that I can squeeze in and out even with the doors shut, but bunmum reckons she'll fix that in no time. Other than that it's in great condition. In the mean time it's sitting within our 'dog' pen so we have the freedom to roam around when we're out.

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