Sunday, 9 August 2009

Our New Palace

Bunmum was busy building this week and last night we were introduced to the result. Let us give you the tour.

This is the outside view, nice size huh?

This is our bathroom, my toungue is out because Dylan is trying to convince me to try the ramp. I don't like the ramp but I'm getting better using it.

Dylan is demonstrating the bedroom, he doesn't like the fleece though and shortly will push it out completely.

This is our viewing platform and Dylan thinks it's too high for us. He's frightened of everything though so it's not such a surprise.

Best of all, we can sit in the sun but hide in the shade if we want to.

Last night we spent our first night out in the hutch. Bunmum is such a worrier that she came to visit is at 4am! We were fine and Dylan was delighted that she didn't take us back inside, I think it might take longer for me to get used to it. Lucky for us we spent all day in the house with bunmum and her visitors eating treats and entertaining the humans. It's been lovely.

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