Saturday, 6 March 2010

VHD Vaccination - Pictures of wound attached

I don't get the VHD vaccination any more. Two years ago when I first received it my fur fell out and my skin really irritated me and was swollen. I had repeated trips to the vet to try to relieve the problem and in the end the problem was reported to the drugs company. So I have nothing but sympathy for poor Dylan who has had a bad reaction to the very same drug this week.

Bunmum hadn't wanted to give him the drug, but the vet insisted that it would be worth it in the long run and that my reaction would not be seen in Dylan. So when Dylan had to return to the surgery he met with a very apologetic vet who has never seen this reaction in his working life. His fur also fell out and his skin began to swell, bunmum couldn't believe it!


  1. Which vaccination did you get? There are lots of recorded incidents of side effects for the old cylap vhd. The newer option lapinject is meant to be much better. You may have to ask your vet in advance to order it though.

  2. Yeah unfortunately it was Cylap. We asked the vet about Lapinject and he explained that the allergy was probably coming from the oil carrier which is in both types of drug.