Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Stressful Days

April has felt like such a long month with so much change going on I could't keep up.

It started with a holiday. Bunmum and bundad went off to sunny Benidorm and Dylan and I booked our usual boarding hutch where we have stayed many times before. But it was a stressful week, I found the change of scenery to be a little disturbing and i missed my little home in Montrose.

When bunmum and bundad came to take us home I wasn't feeling myself any more and I did't feel up to eating my homecoming meal. When I didn't feel up to eating breakfast either bunmum became alarmed and whisked me to the vet where i was poked and prodded and given an injection. Bunmum chose to work from home and for the next terrible 24 hours she attempted to force feed me with the massive syringe. I wasn't having any of it and as a result I was covered from head to paw in liquid food.

Bunmum got upset and took me to the vet who decided to let me stay at the surgery with the friendly nurse. Over a period of three days I was force fed and put under a lovely relaxing sleep to have some dental treatment. Dylan stayed at home and I missed him terribly, so I resolved to get better and see him again. I started with a piece of apple, well a quarter actually, and finally was allowed to go home.

Bunmum has always thought I was a tough rabbit (I was born in a back garden full of labradors remember), but the vets diagnosis was stress brought on by my holiday hutch.
So when bungran came from Oban with her little black scottie my distressed bunmum put Dylan and I out in our garden hutch for the night out of harms way. She let us spend every day in the hutch for a week to get used to it and brought us in at night. When we spent the whole night there it was exciting, like human camping. Just as long as there is no hurry to do it again!


  1. We're so sorry you weren't feeling well. Your Bunmom must have been really scared! Glad you're doing better now.

  2. Came across this blog from @Houserabbit on Twitter.

    We had a bun with a similar problem - not caused by stress, though, but from his teeth. We were at the vet almost once a month to have his teeth inspected and filed down if need.

    We ended up syringe feeding him at least every 2 weeks when he would stop eating on his own. I'm sure he had the same feelings about staying overnight at the vet for observation.

    He ultimately passed away last year while he was with relatives watching him while we were out of town. We miss him everyday, but know he's no longer suffering.

    Glad your story turned out better. :)