Friday, 25 February 2011


OK, so bunmum won't stop laughing at me and instead of helping me get cleaned up she is taking pictures!!

Bunmum puts me on the kitchen table every morning and every evening so that she can give me my medicated eye drops. On this occasion she decided to give my wee face a wash as my eyes are a bit runny and my fur gets a bit sticky. Little did she know that I'd spotted a box of treats at the other end of the kitchen table.

As soon as she turned her back I went straight for the treats, but in my haste I knocked them over and all the dust from the bottom of the box flew up and stuck to my face. Looks like I should expect a second face wash, at least bunmum let me have a treat for my efforts.


  1. Silly wee bun, that's what happens when you get greedy. You must have given your mum quite a giggle. :)

  2. Pepper, you need to act with more stealth. You can't let the humans know.

  3. Well now you DEFINITELY need a face bath!