Sunday, 19 July 2009

Getting Better Hopefully

The good news is that I am getting better I think. My appetite is still not brilliant but I'm eating more food than I was last week. The vet is not sure what's going on so I just have to eat lots of treats and not let Dylan steal my dinner.

First of all the vet gave me some mush to eat for my dinners. I was supposed to eat it from the syringe but I actually quite liked it so bunmum let me lick it from a bowl. After a while though, it didn't taste so good.

Anyway after that was finished the vet gave bunmum some new syringes and she had to feed Dylan and I the food inside it for nine days. Again, I quite liked it so she put it on treats for me to gobble it up, but Dylan had to be wrapped up and hand fed because he was not impressed at the flavour. She said it was for our own good, something about getting rid of worms.

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