Sunday, 11 October 2009

Dylan's War

A few days after the arrival of Brambles bunmum observed that Dylan and Brambles did not speak to each other through the cage bars and quite simply weren't bothered by each other. This suited me. But for some reason bunmum felt that it would be nice for Dylan and Brambles to get to know each other. He was allowed out of the pen and I remained locked in.
Brambles was also allowed out of her cage which at this point was at the other end of our newly decorated room.

At first they ignored each other, then they sniffed each other, then they went off together and hid behind the couch. I was mystified.
They had a chat for what seemed like forever and then they came out for another wander around. Bundad appeared on the scene and bunmum seemed to be sighing relief, everyone was watching Brambles. She gets ALL the attention.
What happened next could only be discribed as terrifying. Brambles jumped back into her cage and despite bunmums protests Dylan happily followed. WELL, Brambles didn't like this. She went mad at him and all of a sudden all you could see was a blurry mass of fast moving brown fur as Brambles and Dylan fought. Bunmum was shouting 'Brambles', 'Dylan' and she threw open the top of the cage but she didn't know what to do. So bundad stepped in and grabbed the first rabbit he could get his hands on. It happened to be Dylan, with Brambles attached by the teeth. Brambles flew across the room and landed on our plastic hay box with a clump of Dylan's fur still in her mouth. Oh it was awful.
Dylan was given lots of treats and was checked all over for bite marks or scuffs, luckily he was unharmed. But he's not in a hurry to speak to Brambles again. Brambles was also unharmed and had a sleep in her cage for the rest of the afternoon.
He should've listened to me!

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