Monday, 6 July 2009

I'm unwell

Well it's been a strange week and bunmum has been acting particularly strange by getting me lots of treats and not letting Dylan eat any of my food.
We went to the vet today where they weighed me and I only weighed 1.4kg, that's not much and I'm losing weight fast, at Christmas I had weighed 2.45kg. My appetite is ok but after a while I get bored of eating and I leave the food for later. It's never there later, bunmum took a while to realise Dylan was eating it instead of me.

Bunmum explained to the vet that my dad had been to have his teeth removed when she came to Dundee to give me a new home two years ago, so she thought that I was having trouble eating because of my teeth. My coat doesn't look like it used to so she thought that I couldn't groom because of my teeth. What a cheek! There's nothing wrong with my beautiful teeth and the vet was able to confirm this.

He poked and prodded at me but could find nothing wrong, for some reason that made them look more worried.

I know I'm in good hands and I'm looking forward to getting more treats when Dylan isn't looking. Here is a picture bunmum took of me because it was so unusual of me not to eat whatever I found.


  1. Hey Pepper,

    Hope you feel better and get better!

    All the best,

    Your friends on the Friday Ark.

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon! That is a lot of weight loss and can't imagine a bun not having an appetite. We'll be sending healthy vibes your way!