Friday, 15 May 2009

Grooming Time

Well I was wondering when bunmum would get round to it and unfortunately for me it was today. Ugh. She took me to the table and I instantly knew what was coming, nail clipping. I hate it, I wriggle and jump and dig and hang over the edge of the table, but she always gets me.
I'm realising that the whole thing is quicker if I just sit still, but it's scary, I don't like the sight of those clippers. However, treats were at hand and I soon realised the whole thing was over and bunmum had relaxed. Then came the brush and a rigourous session of hair pulling, yes hair pulling, clumps of it everywhere! Bunmum and bundad have been calling me scrappy for a while now so I suppose I should have seen it coming. Now I look a little better and hopefully I won't have to go through that ordeal again for a while.

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