Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Penned Up

Finally I am able to write a new post. Bunmum decided that it was about time we were retrained with our litter trays and restricted us to our pen. It was pretty boring to be honest despite the extra toys we got. And worst of all, no access to a computer! Well bunmum insisted that it was for our own good and we would get more freedom if we learnt our manners, but we weren't buying it and we just continued to do as we pleased.

On nice days we were allowed to go outside into the growing long grass and when we were brought back to our pen it was nice and clean with extra helpings of hay. But it never stayed clean, mostly because Dylan started moulting. His hair is EVERYWHERE! Oh dear, he looks really funny with patchy hair around his sides. And then we thought the worst was over, but no, I've started moulting too.

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