Friday, 29 May 2009

Trip to the Vets

I'm soooo glad that bunmum broke her camera this weekend. I'm not sure she agrees with my happiness but I am delighted that she didn't have it with her when we visited the vet this week. Oh, it's always a terrible ordeal and this trip wasn't any different, it's better not to document such an event with pictures in my opinion.

The day had started so well with a trip for me and Dylan to the back garden. Dylan was quick to predict something was up 'ooh I don't know Pepper I don't know', but then he does that with every trip to the garden because he's such a nervous soul. We ate to our hearts delight, which reminds me to ask bunmum to move our run because we ran out of grass, and then along came bunmum with our carry bag. I just thought it was time to go back indoors so I jumped in and waited for Dylan who, as usual, had to be hearded into the bag. He's a clever boy really.

In our bag we watched through the netting as we were carried round the house, and horror of all horrors we didn't make it, we were put in the back seat of the car and strapped up. Dylan started his usual stammer ' oh pepper, I don't know, oh pepper, I don't like this' and I decided to chew on the bags interior to pass the time.

It's not a long trip to the vets but we don't like the car much and we were a big squished in the bag. Through the netting we watched as we were carried into the vet's surgery waiting room where horror of all horrors a bull dog was waiting to be seen. It looked straight at us and started to wag it's tail, Dylan thought he looked friendly and wanted to chat, maybe he's not so clever afterall. Luckily the dog didn't stay long.

When we were called into the surgery it was a new different vet and he looked at us one at a time. He picked Dylan up by the scruff of the neck to tip him upside down, he struggled and struggled but the vet won in the end. Both of us clamoured to hide against bunmum and the vet kept pulling us back towards him. Then we both got our Mixymatosis injections, they didn't hurt but we didn't like the whole situation at all. The surgery smelled so clinical, our hair flew all over the place and the vet was spitting it out and blowing it out of his nose.

One by one he placed us on the floor and said a bunch of numbers to bunmum. For some reason she was smiling at me and patting me and saying 'well done you've lost a pound'. Then we both ran into our carry box and waited patiently to be taken home.

On our arrival home we were released into the living room and bunmum told bundad he wasn't allowed to call me fat rabbit anymore and then Dylan and I were given lots of treats. That made it all worthwhile. Dylan doesn't agree. After eating his treats Dylan hid behind the sofa for the remainder of the afternoon.

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