Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Edible Pet Rabbits, No Thanks

Um Joanne tells me I'm not at risk but I don't feel well all of a sudden. Apparently humans eat rabbit! Unbelievable but true. So I want to protest and have found the ideal adverts on the Save a Bunny website.

According to Save a Bunny

'Kuleto's restaurant in San Francisco is offering a special Rancher's dinner featuring rabbit meat from Devil's Gulch farm....the rabbits being weighed for meat are the exact same types as pet rabbits---there is a little Dutch and a harlequin. There are also young children involved with rabbit meat production and slaughter as part of Devil's Gulch "educational" programs. How can teaching kids to kill be "green?"
Doesn't truly being "green" mean reducing your "karmic footprint" and finding compassionate, sustainable, eco-friendly and humane solutions? '

Well I won't be visiting San Francisco in a hurry and I won't be letting Dylan out of my sight.

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