Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Great Escape

We looked so casual and innocent this morning when bunmum said goodbye and went off to work. She likes to leave us in our pen while she's away, she says we're like mucky pups when we're left free all day. Little did she know that Dylan had been clever enough to figure out a new escape route. So off she went and just as we were about to make our first attempt bunmum returned to pick up the bag she had forgotten. Phew she didn't catch us that time.
We waited a while longer before making a hop for it, Dylan first then me, first onto the new litter box and then onto the sofa arm, and a hop down to the floor. There was so much choice of what to do that we decided to have a snooze first under the table, my favourite hiding space. Then we discovered the best thing of all. Bunmum was not best pleased at the mess she came home to though.

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