Friday, 10 April 2009

The Beginning of Blogging

Well I turned two today and I thought what better way to celebrate my birthday than to start a blog.

Two years old, is that old, am I old? I still look good, I know that much. Dylan, my mate, says so.

So after two years I suppose I'm quite a settled rabbit, finally. I was born in a hutch in dundee. Next door to my hutch in the same garden there was six labradors and somewhere else (maybe in another hutch) there was four children who liked to scateboard and ride their bikes around my hutch. My sister died after a few weeks which was upsetting and my carer kept telling me I was a good boy, even when I first met bunmum. Silly carer. Bunmum soon discovered I wasn't a boy!

My bundad was a little scary at first, I think he kept approaching me as if i was a dog but I didn't like the thumping of his feet and the fast movements. He soon got to know me and now we both lie out on the floor together sometimes.

After six months I was queen of the house and I was NOT impressed that he had come to stay. But he didn't seem to be going away so after a few days I thought I'd give him a sniff. He was very keen to be my friend but I didn't think I needed one, I had bunmum and bundad. Funny how things work out, I can't imagine life without my little buddy now. I'm the boss, of course.
We now have a cosy life in bunmum and bundads living room where we have our own safe pen and can run around 'til our heart's content. There's no carpets so we have to limit our movements to the rugs which is a bit rubbish, but sometimes Dylan and I like to skid along the wood floor for fun. In the summer the doors get left open and we get more freedom around the house, I love this time because there's always something new to chew. And we get lots of trips to the big garden where mum and dad are a bit lazy about cutting the grass, this is the best time!

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