Saturday, 18 April 2009

Home Sweet Home

Today has been a busy day for Dylan and I. We spent the morning at Hutches out in our run where Dylan dug his first hole in the ground. Luckily bunmum and bundad arrived before I got any dirtier from his mess. I was excited to be going home and in my carry bag I was strapped in to the back seat of the car. Dylan travelled in the front where he dug his towel out of the way and made himself comfy for the one hour journey home.

When we got home we were amazed at the sight of our garden. Bunmum popped us into our run to relax a bit after our journey, we hate the car. So we played hide and seek for a wee while in the long strands of grass that had grown in the time we'd been away. Yummy. We are both in this picture but hiding.

This evening we are exploring our living room where bunmum has obviously been cleaning and tidying. Dylan has already got to work moving things back to where he had them before.

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