Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

Happy easter everyone.
I'm on holiday at the moment with Dylan. We're staying at a lovely holiday home called Hutches in Alyth. We love it here as we're amongst other rabbits and Joanne comes every day to let us run out in the grass and give us new treats and toys. Unfortunately we're not allowed chocolate, that's why I look so grumpy in the picture above. But I'm sure we'll get something equally as exciting for our treat, perhaps some banana. Yum.

Bunmum and bundad have gone to England to look after some crazy dogs for family, but we don't mind because we get spoilt here. And yet again the car journey didn't end with a trip to the vet!


  1. Sorry to disagree but hutches is not all that you make it to be. No playtime, no fresh fruit and rabbits who are stuck in a hutch all day!! Please dont give people false information. Rabbits are not just for sticking in a cage they deserve more

  2. I'm sorry you feel this way but I have to disagree with your comments. However, I would encourage anyone looking for accommodation for their rabbits to do their research before making their decision.
    My experience at Hutches has been perfect so far. Dylan and I are taken out to our run in the garden every day, we are given home grown fresh vegetables daily along with our pellets and hay. While it is strange to get used to being in a cage again, as I'm usually free to run around or in a pen, my cage has been large enough for Dylan and I to hop and stand up with plenty of space and there is also a private area for us to hide. As for the fresh fruit, this is also incorrect as I have been fed as much fruit as I need. Remember, fruit is high in sugar content and I am only allowed a small amount of this treat so I don't get fat.

  3. Agreed!! best option is for people to do research first. Everyones expectations are differet.We all want the best for our fur babies

  4. p.s I meant to say fresh veg oops!!