Monday, 27 April 2009

Marvelous Markings

It is the end of another Bunspace contest and the three winners have been rewarded. I think my favourite is Peppercorn the harlequin rabbit from Houston who won second place. She has beautiful markings and I've never seen harlequin in black and white.


  1. Hehehe thanks for the post!

    For what its worth, the Harlequin Breed started out as the Brown Black and white version in France. Even though it was a French breeder in his home country, it was exhibited in the 1890's as "Japanese Rabbits" -- which is why these types of Harlequins are called "Japanese Harlequins" in the States. The Black and White harlequins came later and apparently are also called "Magpies" in the UK (or just plain Harlequins in the US).

    Our little Harlequin came to us through my girlfriend's coworker. She had found pepper just running around a park in christmas 2007. Unfortunately, she also owns some big snakes and apparently Peppercorn would hop around the house and get all those snakes all riled up -- and the coworker was worried the snakes would take out their frustration on her (when she opened up their tanks for feeding time)!

    In any case, the timing was perfect cause we had realized that Badger really needed a companion right around the time that the coworker had sent out an email concerning took badger a few extra months to realize he had a perfect companion, but its worked out splendidly since!

  2. Wow I wonder who let her run free like that. Lucky for her that you came along, she is lovely. Thanks for the background info on harlequins.

  3. I have a black and white harlequin that looks just like her! But its a he! His name is Ralph I got him yesterday!